Simpang Tiga Restaurant

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Project Description

Simpang Tiga Restaurant

Restoran Simpang Tiga is the biggest Nasi Padang restaurant in Perak, located at Greentown Square. Nasi Padang is a Minangkabau cuisine originally from West Sumatera, Indonesia. Similar to the concept of traditional Malay mixed rice, Nasi Padang is the best alternative to Malaysia’s local delicacies. Restoran Simpang Tiga is best known for its bergedil and tempe kacang. The premise is very spacious and has unique Minangkabau decorations. It is very comfortable to dine here and the food has received countless praises by visitors from all over the world.

Our Location

Restoran Simpang Tiga
Jalan Dato Seri Ahmad Said
Greentown Square, Ipoh, Perak
Tel : +605-255 1220