Mat Periuk Jr @ Desa Tambun Cafe

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Project Description


Mat Periuk Jr @ Desa Tambun Cafe

Another concept cafe in Perak, the famous Mat Periuk Cafe. The first branch is located in Bercham, about 15 minutes drive from Ipoh and the second branch is in Ipoh City. Owned by one of the most popular Malaysia’s Celebrity Chef, Chef Kamarul, this cafe was named after Chef Kamarul’s blog, “Mat Periuk”.

All dishes are Chef Kamarul’s own recipes, receive a lot of positive reviews by the customers. This cafe specialized in both western and local foods, from appetizers to desserts. Its famous desserts are Chef Kamarul’s signature pavlova and Daim Chocolate Cake. Definitely the best cafe to visit if you love good desserts.

Our Location

Mat Periuk Jr @ Desa Tambun
46 Persiaran Desa Tambun 7
Taman Desa Tambun
31400 Ipoh Perak