Lenggong Archaeological Museum

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Project Description

Lenggong Archaeological Museum

Lenggong Archaeological Museum or Kota Tampan Archaeological Museum is located in Kota Tampan, near Lenggong. It is a pre-historical site dating back 74,000 years ago.

The city of Lenggong is located 100 kilometers to the north of Ipoh, through Kuala Kangsar (onwards to Grik). It is recognised as one of the oldest site of human activity in West Malaysia. Lenggong Archaeological Museum also displays ‘Perak Man’, the oldest human skeleton found in Peninsular Malaysia in the caves nearby. This skeleton is dated 10,000 to 11,000 years from the Stone age, starting in the Palaeolithic era.

The Lenggong Archaeological Museum is situated near the Lipur Lata Kekabu Rainforest, only 2 km from the site.

Our Location

Muzium Arkeologi Lenggong
Jabatan Muzium dan Antikuiti
Kota Tampan 33400
Lenggong Perak
Tel : +605-7679700